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Where Is The Water


About Where Is The Water

Where Is The Water is the story of a cute crocodile that has no water to bathe in. You will help him find water as well as collect 3 stars in this game.

Find a source of water

Do you know? The adorable crocodile is very happy to be able to move to a new place. But unfortunately, he discovers that there is no water there, it can't even wash clean. Can you help him?

Find a way to dig waterways to bring water from the ground to this crocodile's habitat. If you can help him, he will be very happy and grateful to you.

Guide to control

How to control Where Is The Water is very simple, players just need to follow the requirements at each level to draw water lines or click the mouse to open the faucet.

Conquer game levels

The game includes many different levels. At each level, you will sometimes need to complete tasks in different forms. Maybe the crocodile is on the ground and you need to dig a water line. But sometimes, it comes to the ground to find water, then your task will be different.

However, your goal will never change, find water for this crocodile. Besides the puzzle game Where Is The Water, you should also try many other games like Hungry Shark, or Metal Black Wars.


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