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About Jacksmith

Jacksmith is a really fascinating game. Forge weapons and then sell them to heroes in the game to earn money and protect the little princess.

Crafting weapons in the game

In Jacksmith, the evil witch is secretly watching the little princess through the mirror and plotting to harm the princess. After hearing the news, the king offered a prize to the hero who could destroy the witch and protect the princess. There are many people participating in this campaign.

To be able to accomplish the goal, brave people need weapons to fight. You will play as a genuine blacksmith, crafting weapons on demand to earn extra income.

Control instructions

Use the mouse to control this game. If you're playing this game for the first time, don't worry at all. The game system will have instructions to help you get used to the controls when you first play the game. Basically, this is a game that is a bit similar to Papa's Pizzeria, a popular game series.

Weapon variety

The wizard in Jacksmith is a cruel person but good at magic and has a lot of minions. Therefore, the heroes in the game are also very numerous and they need to have the best possible weapons to defeat the enemy. They will order at your store many different types of weapons such as short swords, long swords, shields, bows, etc.

Or improve your skills as a true smith to provide enough weapons for heroes. Even if you do well, according to their requirements, you can get more money. Good luck!


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