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Super Mario 64


About Super Mario 64

Information about Super Mario 64 game

Super Mario 64 is an interesting adventure game. Control Mario to conquer all challenges while collecting Powerful stars and exploring the beautiful castle.

The main character in this game is Mairo - a character who is extremely familiar to gamers and children around the world. In Super Mario 64, he receives an invitation from Princess Peach to come to the castle because she made a delicious cake for Mario. However, when he arrived at the princess's castle, Mario encountered many challenges. Will you help him?

Super Mario 64's gameplay

Your key mission in this game is to rescue Princess Dao who was attacked by villains right at her castle. Monsters are dominating the castle and posing many difficult challenges for Mario. He needs to collect power stars to rescue his princess. Although the motif of Princess Peach being kidnapped by bad guys and then Mario and his brother trying to save her has been used to make many other Mario video games, it still doesn't make Super Mario 64 boring. bored. Try to overcome challenges and complete all game goals because you only have a limited number of lives, especially be careful and attentive when facing monsters.

Notes During Playing Super Mario 64

  • Mario lives in the mushroom kingdom with his brother Luigi - a person who looks exactly like Mario but you can distinguish these two characters thanks to their outfits. As mentioned above, the princess was kidnapped by Browser. But this time, you need to collect stars to open the doors as well as reach the paintings in the castle where the Browser is.
  • Each painting offers a unique map, with a number of unlockable stars and the ability to explore the terrain.
  • You can help Mario prolong his life to increase his chances of winning by collecting lives (hearts).
  • Collect as many coins as possible.

In addition, if you are a big fan of Mario games, besides Super Mario 64, there is another game that is also very interesting and worth trying. It's Super Mario Bros 3, happy gaming!


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