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About Bitlife

Bitlife is an arcade simulator game in which you simulate your life and decide on any choice from family to work by yourself. Are you ready?

Some information about Bitlife

In modern society, there are many factors that affect you and you cannot do what you want. Enter the Bitlife game to play and experience the second life. As I said earlier, the game offers you the chance to create your dream life. You can become who you want such as a doctor, police, or even a thief, etc.

Bitlife's game rules

Start the game, you will see 3 sections, including New Life, Stats, and Configure. Navigate to each section to find and install the game's required information. Besides, when you decide to start a new life, the game provides you with a newborn profile. You will begin as an infant with no money in your bank.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to four aspects which are feelings, health, intelligence, and physical appearance. These highest indicators are 100%. The higher the index, the happier and more prosperous your life will be. On the contrary, if these indices are low, your life is miserable. In particular, if your health indicator is 0%, your life is over.

How to play

If in the puzzle game Bloxorz, the player needs to use the keyboard to help the blocks roll, in Bitlife, you will use the computer mouse.


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