About Murder

Participate in Murder to enjoy a very appealing action game. In this game, your objective is to kill the king without being discovered and imprisoned.

When you enter the Murder game, you will pretend as a king's courtier, and you must follow him. To kill the king without anybody noticing, you must choose the ideal moment. When the notification bar above the screen shows the time to stab the king coming, you use a holding knife to kill him. However, the monarch was also very cautious. When the monarch turns around, the knife must be set down. If you do not drop the knife in time, you will be apprehended, incarcerated, and reduced to a skeleton. After you completely kill the king, you will become the next king of your country. When you become the king, your back is an assassin who will stab you at any time. Therefore, let's be cautious and continually spin around to ensure he cannot harm you. Do not provide him the opportunity to murder you.


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