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Google Feud


About Google Feud

Google Feud is a great guessing game in which the player tries to make the best guess about how the audience chooses to end the previously given phrases.

Conquering Google Feud

The rules of the game are very simple. The game will give a sentence that will be missing a part. Your task is to guess the most common answers, not the most logical ones. If you answer correctly one of the 10 most common results listed below, you win. The higher your answer is in the top search results, the more points you get. However, remember that you only have 3 guesses. If you use all 3 times and you still haven't guessed, you lose.

Google Feud's themes

Every Google Feud game starts with choosing one of four categories. There are phrases rooted in common culture, people and personal issues, popular celebrity names, and questions of any kind. As long as you are familiar with the fundamentals of how the Internet functions, this title is fairly accessible and doesn't require any additional knowledge.

Let people know how you think like them. Besides, you can play Google Feud online in your browser window from any PC, Mac, or other device. You can also play a familiar puzzle game called Bloxorz which is a bit easier but equally interesting. Have a happy time!

How to play

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