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Basket Random


About Basket Random

Basket Random is one of the most interesting basketball games. Your goal is to throw as many balls as possible into the opposing team's basket.

If you enjoy basketball but are unable to play due to a variety of circumstances, do not miss this game. Basket Random is a basketball-themed sports game. Enter the game and show your skills of basketball in the Lego Stickman character.

Game rules

How to win the game is very similar to how to win a real basketball game. The team with the highest number of times throwing into the opponent's basket wins. As a result, your mission is to fight and score as many field goals as possible in order to defeat the opposing team. Basket Random consists of two teams, each with two players.

Easy controls

The special thing about the game is that you just use only one key to play. The first player will use W to control and the other press the UP arrow key to play. A small arrow appears above your player's head. As a result, you can see and control your game character with ease. When your player gets the ball, command him to jump in the air and throw the ball into the basket. Get 5 scores and be the winner.

Features of the game

  • Easy to control will one key.
  • Interesting sports games.
  • Attractive graphics and great sound effects.

As a popular sports game, Basket Random is always at the top of searches on game websites including on Bloxorz.


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