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Capybara Clicker


About Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker is becoming more and more popular and growing as it receives the attention of gamers. Are you ready to produce lots of capybara?

Why is the game so popular?

Recently, the gaming community has been extremely excited to discover a new game called Capybara Clicker. This is an idle game, originating from a trend on social networks, like what Flip Bottle or Bloxorz have received before. Unexpectedly, after the trend was published as a game, it became a big hit and was well-received by everyone. Let's play the game now!


When playing this awesome game, players only need to use the mouse to click on the capybara on the screen to increase the number of capybaras in the town. This is the familiar gameplay of the idle game series, like Cookie Clicker City. Moreover, as an idle game, players can buy and upgrade to have Capybara Clicker automatically produce without mouse clicks or any other actions.

Explore the game Capybara Clicker


In Capybara Clicker, each player will raise their own yellow capybara. The player's task is to produce as many other animals as possible to make the town more crowded and fun. In addition, when you produce a lot of capybaras, it means you have more points and coins to unlock attractive features in the game.

Players should pay special attention to the energy bar in the left corner of the screen. The more you click on the screen, the faster the energy bar will fill up. When full power, you will get x2 points for each click.


This is one of the features just mentioned above. When buying upgrades, your every clicker or second click will be significantly increased in value. This feature will be especially effective when users let the machine run on its own.

Unlock skins and weather

When you achieve certain specific achievements, Capybara Clicker will automatically unlock new skins and weather for you. Those will be automatically changed for your capybara. In particular, they will create a wonderful effect on your screen.


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