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Four In A Row


About Four In A Row

Four In A Rowis a fascinating game for players who have a passion for puzzles. Experience puzzles while competing with other players in 3 game modes.

By participating in this game, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in interesting puzzles. You can enjoy great entertainment moments while enjoying eye-catching graphics, amazing effects, and engaging gameplay. Besides, you can improve your logical thinking and reasoning ability through each level. You will need to use your intelligence to decide on your next moves so that you can block your opponent's moves and create conditions for you to win. This game will train your intelligence like other quiz games. If you have ever played the game XOX: Tic Tac Toe, you can realize the benefits of this game easily. Although each game gives you different benefits, they will all help you improve your logical thinking. Each question will lead you to its own challenge.

How to beat the Four In A Row

Your task is to form a row of discs. You can form rows of 3, 4, 5, or 6 discs. This depends on the player's settings. Before starting a round, if you are the owner, you will have the right to set the modes for this game. You can set the time for each move, the color, and the game mode. In game mode, you can set it from 3 to 6. If you choose 3, you only need to make a row of 3 discs to win. If you choose 6, you need to make a row of 6 discs to win. It's the same with 4 and 5. The higher the number of discs, the higher the difficulty level. You will need to use more steps to be able to form such a row. That means you will be blocked by the opponent more. The difficulty of this game is similar to the Bloxorz game with many different levels. You can try both two games to comment on the challenges they bring.

3 game modes for you to choose

If you want to invite friends to play, you can play Online Players or 2 Players mode. If you want to compete with mind A, you can play in Play vs Computer mode. However, you need to distinguish between Online Players and 2 Players. Online Players mode allows you to play against other players without distance. You can play from many different devices by setting up rooms to put on the server. You can set up a private room or a public room. If you don't want to make a room, you can join the available rooms. In contrast, the 2 Players mode allows you to play with your opponent on the same device. Each mode has its own interest.

Which mode do you think will make you more difficult during the game? Online Player, Two Player, or Play vs Computer mode? This depends on your opponent. If you pair up with people of the same or higher level, you will find it interesting to compete with talented people. If you play with people of lower skill levels, you will find the game easier. However, Play vs Computer mode will bring fairness. Although you will not have different opponents, you will be up against a superintelligence, artificial intelligence. It will bring unique moves. You can learn these steps of the CPU. You can play all modes or choose your favorite mode. Have a nice time!

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to move.
  • Press the mouse left button to drop your discs.


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