About Electron Dash

Electron Dash is a thrilling running game in which your duty is to run into an endless tube in the galaxy as far as possible and accumulate hearts.

This game has an endless race tube waiting for you. You must command your astronauts and begin exploring this pipeline in space, which can rotate and allow you to run on any surface of the pipe. You will face numerous difficulties. You can fall at any time due to the unstable tiles, just like Stumble Guys, Fall Guys Knockout, or LOLBeans. As a result, you must avoid touching them. Furthermore, you may be exposed to laser beams that are lethal. To protect yourself, flee from them. Finally, there are many large gaps on the tube, use the W key or Space bar to jump over them. To get around the traps, you can combine two keys.

Features of the game

  • Easy to control the astronauts
  • One player
  • Attractive graphics and soundtrack


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