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Metal Black Wars


About Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars is about a fierce battle between you and a bunch of obnoxious minions. Using weapons and moving wisely will help you win in the game.

Join the fight in Metal Black Wars

This can be considered as a fight between a superhero who is you, along with other henchmen who are harming and affecting many others. You will be alone, equipped with additional weapons to storm the enemy base to destroy them.

If you like such action games, you probably also like Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. However, in this game, you will even need strategic thinking to protect your kingdom.

Your duties

Rushing into the enemy base, the first thing you need to complete is to ensure your own safety. Afterward, you will continue to attack the bad guys in the game. Use guns, or grenades to take down all enemies and reach the destination to play at higher levels. Besides, players also do not forget to collect coins.

Features of Metal Black Wars

How to control

  • Use the A/ D or left/ right keys to steer.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to jump up.
  • Click the mouse to shoot. In it, combined with the W key will help you shoot straight up, where there are monsters like that.

Use power-ups

Players can choose to buy power-ups when preparing to start the battle. They will help you a lot, especially in increasing the stats that you think need to be improved during the battle. For example, grenades heal, heal, boost, increase damage, etc.


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