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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense


About Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense Game

Your peaceful kingdom is being threatened and attacked by a mighty army of chickens. They are plotting to invade your kingdom, so you must defeat them to protect your country. Carry out a campaign to protect your territory at Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense where you will build a fortress with excellent attack power. Are you ready?

When participating in this game, your mission is to prevent your enemies from destroying the fortified wall built in front of the fortresses. You should remember that if this wall is destroyed, your country is invaded and you are the loser. Therefore, the importance of this game is to protect it.


Use the mouse to play the game.

How to protect the bulwark

Develop your cannons

The chickens will continuously attack you in waves, they are crowded and equipped with advanced weapons. To combat their power, players need the support of cannons and cannons.

You will in turn build these cannons into the available pedestals. In addition, if you kill enemies, you will also receive coins and even more and more coins. You can use them to buy more cannons and cannons. Then merge cannons of the same level together to upgrade them. Of course, the higher-level cannons will have higher damage and give you a higher chance of victory.

Strengthen the bulwark

In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense, every time an enemy approaches and attacks the bulwark, it gets damaged and needs to be repaired. At such times, you need to prioritize strengthening this wall. Use coins to repair it. However, the number of coins to strengthen the wall is not small, so you need to try your best not to let the enemy approach the wall.

In addition, when you have enough coins, you can also upgrade this wall. This will make the wall more solid, firm, and durable against the enemy's stormy attacks.


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