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Merge And Fight


About Merge And Fight

Merge And Fight is a game where you will merge your warriors to increase their strength. Control and arrange them in a reasonable position to kill your enemies.

Boost your power in Merge And Fight

In this game, players need to constantly buy more warriors. Maybe they won't have as great of power as they wanted at first, but after merging they will show their incredible abilities. Players will use coins to buy those warriors, merge similar warriors to level up them and join the battle.

How to control

In Merge And Fight, you just need to use the mouse to choose the initial position for your soldiers. Then, they will move on their own to approach and attack the opponent.

Your Enemies in-game

Through each level, your enemies will be changed. They can be a monster, huge solider, or even a boss. Furthermore, players should be careful when fighting against a level having towers. It can shoot you from a far distance.

Players can have many different experiences on this web game. If you like fighting games similar to Merge And Fight, you can also play Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. In addition, Capybara Clicker is also a good game for those who love the idle game genre.


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