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About Impostor

Impostor is an action game featuring characters from Among Us. In the game, you must direct your character to kill as many other players as possible.

Master in Impostor

This game represents the world of competition. Players who enter the game will have no friends and will all be opponents. In this game, your goal is to destroy other players while collecting small blocks that surround the platform. Your game character will own a wood stick which is considered your weapon. Use it to hit other people until their blood is out. That means you defeated them.

During the battle, your blood will decrease. In this case, the small blocks surrounding you will be the first aid box. Collect them to recover your blood and continue your battle. Get as many points as you can place in the top ten of the best players, which is displayed in the right corner of the screen.

Hints to play

  • Start your battle with the uncrowded player area.
  • You can hit other players from behind.
  • When your blood is running low, run and find a chance for revenge later.

Improve your strength and weapons

Like many other action games such as Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense, Imposter also allows players to make upgrades to help their characters become stronger and more dominant in battle.

You can use coins to upgrade your importer. When upgrading to a higher level, your importer will also have more health.

Also, you can buy him hats. These hats do not help much in battles but will help your character stand out more, and more fashionable.

Moreover, your opponents are many and they may even have a higher level than you. To deal with this situation, you can buy weapons with higher power stats such as damage, speed, power, and range.


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