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Gerbil Jump


About Gerbil Jump

Gerbil Jump is a cool arcade game. The little mouse is on a journey to find pieces of cheese. You will accompany and guide him through each floor to collect.

Cheese Search

In Gerbil Jump, the little mouse will run, and jump from the lowest floor of the house to each floor in search of randomly placed pieces of cheese. Your mission is to help it achieve this goal. The mouse will run from right to left and vice versa. Players should choose the right time to bring it to a higher floor without falling out the window.

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To control this mouse, the player will use his computer mouse. Each time you click, it will jump to a higher floor. Just like that, going higher will get more points and have a chance to collect more cheese.

Tips and Tricks

When playing Gerbil Jump, players can have their own judgments and findings to conquer this game. However, you can also follow the notes below to save time completing the challenge.

  • The floors have door barriers, you can let the mouse run back and forth for as long as you like.
  • The floors have no doors, you need to be strategic and make quick decisions so that the mouse does not run out and fall.
  • When there is no door on the upper floor, it is better not to rush up there. Observe and choose the right time and location for the mouse so that it can continue to higher floors without an accident.


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