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Baseball Pro


About Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro is a fascinating sports game. Players need to use their bat in combination with reasonable strength to hit the ball as far as possible.

Rules of the game in Baseball Pro

Coming to this legendary baseball game, players will play the role of a hitter. Your task is to use the baseball bat to knock the ball away as soon as the pitcher throws the ball at you. The farther the ball goes, the higher the score you get.


To play Baseball Pro, players need to focus and observe closely. As soon as the opponent serves, you will choose the right time to click the mouse to hit the ball. Players should note that they should not hit the ball too early or late if they do not want to be struck.

Notes when playing Baseball Pro

Each time you play, the opponent will serve 10 times, equivalent to you having 10 hits. You should make the most of these hits to accumulate the dream score. However, if you strike ie do not hit the ball, you will not receive any score. If you strike multiple times, you will be the loser.

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