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Donkey Kong Returns


About Donkey Kong Returns

Play Donkey Kong Returns to experience a famous Mario-themed arcade platformer. Your goal in the game is to save the lovely princess from Donkey Kong.

Play Donkey Kong Returns

Donkey Kong kidnapped the king's sole daughter and imprisoned her at the peak of a unique mountain. Even from the bottom of the platform or from a distance, everyone can see the princess's anxiety. However, the Princess is not still rescued successfully
because Donkey Kong prevents anyone who has the notion of rescuing the princess.

The wooden crates that you destroy will give you points, especially fire barrels will have higher points. You have 3 lives to complete the challenge, use up 3 lives the game will end. How high can you paddle to rescue the princess?

Solve all challenges

Therefore, your duty is to assist Mario the hero repelling the ape's attacks and saving the princess. Donkey Kong frequently employs obstacles like barrels and fire to stop you. Run towards the princess while jumping over them. Kong's crates will roll without any default rules. But it will roll through the stairs, so the warehouse does not have a hammer and has not yet judged their direction, it is better to stay away from the stairs to not be cornered in unexpected situations.

While Donkey Kong attacks you, you can also perform maneuvers to neutralize his challenges. You can jump over the crates he throws down. Besides, collect hammers to smash them. The game is terminated if your Mario character dies.

Finally, after being the hero of Princess, let's play State.io - Conquer The World, Nugget Royale, and Bad Ice Cream.

Guide to control

In this game, the way to control is pretty easy.

  • You can use the arrow keys to navigate your Mario character.
  • To jump, you can press the spacebar.


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