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Bad Ice Cream


About Bad Ice Cream

One of the most intriguing arcade games recently is Bad Ice Cream. In the game, you take control of ice cream to consume fruits and escape the monster.

For those who are playing this game for the first time, you see pictures of monsters, an ice house, fruits, and nasty ice cream when you first start the game. Your goal is to steer the ice cream to the fruits so you can eat them and escape the monster's pursuit. The ice cream will be transferred to level 2 to continue completing the mission with a higher level of difficulty once it has consumed all the fruits on this level.

You may find the first three levels to be rather simple, but the complexity will increase starting with level four and moving to a more tough page. Monsters only travel along a specific path and turn around in the first three levels. You can easily avoid it as a result. Monsters will follow you closely and attempt to stop you starting at level 4.

Features of the game

  • Easy control by using arrow keys to move and space bar to clear ice blocks.
  • Interesting graphics about the cold and bad ice cream
  • One play feature
  • Multiple levels bring the feeling of challenging


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