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About 2048

2048 is an addictive arcade game in which you need to merge squares of the same number to create a larger number. Try to form the number 2048!

Have you ever played this entertaining game? This game is a puzzle game like other famous games like Wood Blocks. You also take part in different challenges to train your smart. By participating in this game you can challenge yourself with numbers. You will see numbers from 2, 4, and 8 to 2048. 2048 is the maximum number you can get. Can you reach this number? This is an admirable number that many players want to reach. Let's show your ability!

Although this game involves numbers, you won't have to do the math. Artificial intelligence will do this job for you. You need to calculate the moves so that you can make as many moves as possible. The longer you play, the higher your score. Good luck!

How to gain 2048 number in the 2048 game

In this game, your task is to move the squares to merge the squares with the same number. Once merged, they will form a square with a larger number. For example, if you merge 2 squares with the number 2 together, you will form a square with the number 4 and if you merge two squares with the number 4 together, you will form a square with the number 8. It will continue like this until you form the number 2048. For each move, you will move all the squares on the playing field.

However, you will only be able to merge 2 squares with the same number at a time. If there are 4 squares with the same number, you will form 2 new squares with the larger number. Then you can continue to merge these two squares instead of merging 4 of the same squares at one time. For example, there are 4 squares with the number 2 on the screen above. In one move, you cannot match all 4 of these squares together to make a square with the number 8. You can only match two number 2 squares together. Thus, after one move, you will create 2 number 4 squares from 4 number 2 squares. In the second move, you can combine 2 number 4 squares to form the number 8 square.

Necessary Notes in 2048

Note that after each time you move, you will create a new square. The number of this square will be random. However, these squares are usually the number 2. When you create squares with large numbers, the number of additional squares will be larger.

Unlike the Bloxorz game, this game has only one level. You will play this game endlessly if you can move forward. As you know, the maximum number of this game is 2048. It is challenging for all the players to reach this number. The playing field is divided into 16 small squares. If you fill 16 squares of the playing field and there are no more moves, the play will end. Try to get the highest score and conquer 2048. Good luck!

Features of 2048

  • The addictive arcade game
  • Endless game rounds
  • Easy controls and attractive gameplay

How to control: Use WASD or arrow keys to move.


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