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Wood Blocks


About Wood Blocks

Wood Blocks is one of the most popular strategy puzzle games in the world. Arrange variously shaped wooden blocks in ten-block lines. Try to get the best score!

This game will take you to a challenging maze with simple wooden sticks. If you've ever played the Bloxorz, you know the difficulty with a red cylinder. Coming to this game, you will know the difficulty of dealing with wooden blocks. These wooden blocks are designed very simply. It is made up of small squares. Unlimited sort order. Therefore, they often create diverse and unique shapes. You should play this game at least once to feel this.

Wood Blocks’ information

The Wood Blocks game is considered one of the classic games. Games of the same genre as this game were released a long time ago. Ever since this game genre was born, it has received a lot of attention from players. You can see millions of people worldwide playing this game every day. Why is this puzzle game so influential? This game will provide a free world for you to be creative. You can use the given wooden slats to create different rows or columns of wood. You have freedom in this game. However, you will have to follow the game's own rules. The challenge of this game is also extremely high. It will bring out the aggression in you. You will always want to conquer this game.

In addition, this game will enhance your thinking ability. You can practice your logic through each wooden stick. You have to think about where to put the slats. Their placement is essential. You will not be able to place a high score if you arrange it irregularly. Have you ever seen the Word Seeker game? This game has the same value as those games. Now, start this game now to enjoy what this entertaining game has to offer.

The aim of this enjoyable puzzle-strategic game

Are you ready to play Wood Blocks? This game will give you 3 different wooden blocks. Your task is to arrange them on the 10x10 playing field. When you form a row or a column, you remove them from the playing field. After you finish arranging 3 wooden blocks, the next 3 wooden blocks will appear. You need to arrange as many wooden blocks as possible. The more wooden blocks are arranged, the more rows and columns you have. As a result, you will get more points. Try to get admirable points.

However, the player will have difficulties when becoming stuck with gaps between their blocks because the blanks are not filled. On the one hand, if the player does not have enough place to put the wood blocks, it means that this player is a loser. You need to start again. On the other hand, if you can make a complete line and make the blocks vanish. Your score will increase as a result of this. Therefore, let's try hard and move carefully in each step.

Note that 3 wooden blocks are released at the same time. However, you have the right to decide which wood block to use first. This is very important. You should not use the wooden blocks one after another in the given order. The game can trap you. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should try to place wooden blocks close together. Don't separate them too far. If you do, there are many small gaps between the wooden blocks. It is more difficult to fill these gaps.

How to control: Use the mouse to drag.


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