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Zippy Boxes


About Zippy Boxes

The Zippy Boxes puzzle game is growing in popularity and is loved more and more. You will arrange and unlock to find lovely animals in this game.

Solve puzzles in Zippy Boxes

In this game, you need to find and unlock the adorable animals. They are hidden behind colored keys. Your mission is to unlock to find these adorable animals. However, to be able to unlock, you need to move the locks to the appropriate position.

You should remember that, in Zippy Boxes, you can move the locks while the keys cannot. Therefore, you need to move the locks to the place with the same color key to unlock. On the drives, there will be an arrow mark, which means you can only move it in a certain direction.

Game controls

Players can use the mouse to move the lock in the game. Each time you click on the padlock, it will move one more cell.

Some notes for players

As mentioned above, each lock will have its own signs to help you figure out how to conquer the game. However, sometimes there will be locks without any markings, only colors. When this is the case, you need to use other locks to move it by pushing it away.

In general, since this is a puzzle game, players need to use their thinking and imagination. Like the way you conquer Bloxorz. Wish you happy gaming.


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