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Wood Cutter - Saw


About Wood Cutter - Saw

Wood Cutter - Saw is a fascinating puzzle game recently. In this game, you move dots to create a saw and use it to cut the wood into various shapes by a saw.

Many people think that arranging the dots in the right corner of your screen into a saw until they are aligned with the shape of the wood pieces is extremely easy and boring. However, they are wrong. This work is simple to understand how to play, but not completely easy to win. There are a lot of different-shaped saws which you have to make, and of course, they are more and more complex and difficult. Besides, cutting the woods in this game is not simple as a logger or carpenter, it is an action to build a new world. Every piece of wood cut is a life such as a turtle, a bird, or a house. With each successful cut, you will receive certain gifts such as coins. At some certain point, you will have the opportunity to purchase upgrades for your Wood Cutter's teeth and speed. The game also records your results and the amount of time you complete. if you are a competitive person, be quick in thinking as well as your response.

Features of Wood Cutter - Saw

  • Simple and fun puzzle game
  • A multitude of levels
  • Single-player
  • Various saw and chimney designs
  • Upgradeable saw speed and teeth

How to play

Use your computer mouse to move the dots.


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