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Winter Connect

About Winter Connect

Winter Connect is a connecting puzzle game with a winter theme. In the game, you connect two of the same symbols together to make them disappear.

Instruction of Winter Connect

The goal of this game is to link two identical tiles together to make them disappear from the gameboard. The condition to be able to make the connection between the two shapes is that the connecting line between the two shapes is only allowed to be folded twice. After you connect completely two tiles, they will disappear and you continue to find other couples. Remember that you just have a certain amount of time to complete all the titles clean from the gameboard. If the time is up, there are still tiles. As a result, you lose.

Tips to play the game

  • The game has a hint feature which will give you the next couple of tiles if you cannot find one. However, this feature is limited. Therefore, use it only when you really need it.
  • If you have all hints of the game and the time is already over, you completely can restart the level. This is also an easy way for you to over a level because you have an overview of that level.


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