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Water Sort


About Water Sort

Water Sort is an arcade game in which you have to pour water of the same color into the same flask to fill that flask. Complete all flasks to finish a level!

Way to gain victory in Water Sort

Use your mouse to control the vase. Click the first time on the jar with the liquid you want to transfer and click the second time on the jar you want to transfer the liquid to. Note that you need to transfer the liquid to the jar that has the same color liquid on top. If the liquid is a different color, you will not be able to merge them together. In this game, each jar has different types of liquids with different eye-catching colors. You need to use your wits to divide all these liquids. You will see an empty flask. Use them to pour liquids and complete levels more easily. Try a trick for you is to pour liquids of the same color that appear at the top of the jar most often into the empty bottles. This tip is useful for all levels.

There are many levels with different flask numbers. Different levels will give you different challenges. The next level will be more difficult than the previous level. However, the levels will increase in difficulty gradually. It's a good way for you to practice and grasp the tips in this game.

Features of Water Sort

  • The exciting arcade game for singleplayer
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects

How to control: Mouse click.

Remarkable features of the Water Sort game

Coming to the game Water Sort, you have the opportunity to experience puzzles completely different from other puzzle games. First, the difference in themes is a prominent feature of this game. For example, the game Bloxorz will take you to a world with a cylinder. You will control it to the destination with support items. However, this game will not be like that. You will solve the puzzle without cue. You can only use your thinking ability to solve puzzles. This is challenging as well as rewarding. You will have many difficulties while solving the puzzle but you get no help. That way, you will be fully proactive in your difficult situations. You will not be dependent on hints. Besides, you will have a feeling of getting more achievements than using hints.

Second, the game graphics can impress you. This game is designed with simple images. You will see jars filled with colorful liquids. These liquids can be orange, red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and more. After completing the task you will receive male vases with a single color. Besides, the black background color will bring out the colors of these liquids. The impression is created when simplicity is combined with the complexity of color.

The next impressive thing about this game is the controls. You can control this game easily. You just need to click on the jar you want to transfer the liquid to. Click a second time on the jar to which you wish to transfer the liquid. Thus, the transfer is completed.


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