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Traffic Tom


About Traffic Tom

Traffic Tom is an engaging driving game. You drive your moto on the road and complete the challenge while still obeying traffic safety laws.

Join Traffic Tom

Join the game, and you will transform into the character Tom, an excellent motorcycle rider. Control your car on the road where a lot of other traffic is moving.

Your mission is not fixed. Depending on each level, you will receive different tasks. Sometimes you need to reach the finish line within the allotted time. Or, Traffic Tom may ask you to get some combos in the allotted time, etc. Try to complete all the tasks of the game to prove your game skills, and receive many attractive rewards.


Use the arrow key to play the game. Left-right keys are used for navigation. The up key is used to accelerate, and conversely, the down key is used to brake.

Unlock more motorcycles

Traffic Tom offers you a variety of motorcycles. However, to own and accompany it on the track, you need to unlock them with the loot that the game requires. In addition, in order for the car to be able to move at a higher speed or have a better engine, you can upgrade your car. To unlock and upgrade motorcycles, players can use coins.

Some tips for players

To help you conquer this game, I would like to give you some information and tips. Apply them on the road to have a good result.

  • Regularly upgrade your motorbikes.
  • Reach the checkpoints to save time.
  • Regularly speed up on the race to reach the finish line quickly.
  • Pay attention to the signals of other traffic vehicles so as not to hit them.
  • If you cause an accident, some race achievements will be lost and you must play again.


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