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The adventure of Finn & Bonnie


About The adventure of Finn & Bonnie

Enjoy The Adventure Of Finn & Bonnie where takes place the war of heroes against world invaders. Help your heroes destroy them with your weapons. Are you ready to join the companionship with the cartoon characters in the game?

Confrontation with the enemies

Against those who want to invade the territory, who are extremely powerful with advanced weapons, only Finn, Bonnie and the princess can help the world regain peace. Help them execute their effective strategies as effectively as possible.

In the game, you and your opponent will attack each other in turn. Use your most advanced weapons to be able to destroy them before running out of health. The HP bar above each character will represent that character's health. The character will be destroyed as soon as the HP bar runs out.

The Adventure Of Finn & Bonnie is an excellent action game, however, we also want to introduce other game genres to users for you to have a more diverse game experience. Bloxorz is an extremely interesting puzzle game that you should try.

Upgrade and craft weapons

The fight in The Adventure Of Finn & Bonnie is extremely harsh. Finn has to fight more and more opponents every day, they are even stronger than the previous ones. Therefore, you need to have reasonable strategies to destroy them. In which, upgrading and perfecting the weapons is extremely necessary.

The more you fight, the more experience points will increase. When reaching a certain number of experience points, Finn will be leveled up. That means his stats are also increased. Those stats include health, defense, and attack.

In addition, the princess always gives you suggestions to make it easier for you to fight. In it, she often reminds you to use items to mix and create special weapons that can be carried in battle. Don't forget to collect those items after every win!


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