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Super Hero Driving School


About Super Hero Driving School

Super Hero Driving School is a driving game with impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. Guide your hero to control the vehicle and fly to the finish line.

Reach the destination

In Super Hero Driving School, you will accompany your superhero character. Each hero will own a private car, for example, batman goes super sports car. Your task is to help them reach the finish line safely without being hindered by dangerous obstacles. Can you complete this goal of the game?


To conquer Super Hero Driving School, players only need to use the mouse. Very simple, right? You just need to press and hold the mouse to let your hero start the engine and continue driving at high speed straight ahead.

Improvements and upgrades

  • As mentioned, each hero in this game has his own vehicle. Therefore, when you have enough coins to unlock and own other motos, cars, or trucks, your superhero character will also change.
  • In addition, to be able to conquer platforms with other maps, players need to complete previous races. That is, you need to finish at these races.
  • To get to the finish line, your vehicles need to be upgraded and increased in power. Before entering the races, upgrade to get the best performance possible.

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