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About Stomped.io

Stomped.io is a thrilling game that has come out lately in which you're in charge of a small robot that you use to eat power particles to be bigger and bigger.

How to play

Stomped.io is a fantastic game that can be played anywhere and at any time. When starting the game Stomped.io, you will give your robot a name to make it easier to track throughout play. The robot will move in an intriguing manner by jumping. To navigate your robot to jump left or right, use the left and right arrow keys. As it consumes glowing energy particles, the robot will grow in size and strength. In addition, if your robot is more powerful than others, you are able to create collisions with others to absorb their strength. On the other hand, you are weaker than other robots, you should avoid them since they will discover a method to absorb your power. If you like this game, do not hesitate to try playing Vampire Survivors, State.io - Conquer The World, and Egg Wars.


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