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Speedy Paws


About Speedy Paws

Speedy Paws gives players exciting experiences with a cute cat. You will accompany and help the little cat overcome all the difficult challenges of the game.

Overcoming obstacles in Speedy Paws

Extremely difficult challenges of Speedy Paws are waiting for you. The player's task is to overcome all those difficulties without letting his little cat get injured. You should remember, the obstacles in the game are all dangerous and can harm your cat. Therefore, do not let it collide with those obstacles.

The game has gameplay quite similar to Sausage Run. However, each game will have its own characteristics and interests.


Players will use arrow keys to help navigate the cat, while the spacebar will help it jump up to overcome the necessary challenges.

Collect items

Coins and diamonds

On the way to Speedy Paws, although there are many obstacles that will make it difficult for you, there are also items that can help you. Coins and diamonds are prime examples. Players should collect these items to accumulate. However, you should not be too risky to get them either. Each time you play, you only have 3 lives, if unfortunately lose all 3 lives, the game will be over.

Use coins

With the coins collected during the game, players can use them to upgrade power-ups for their cats. You can buy extra lives or shields to help improve both the cat's winning ability.


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