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Snow Patrol

About Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is an arcade game in which you must collect objects on the road as many as possible to cover huge holes. As a result, you can go over the bridge safely.

Snow Patrol is a very simple arcade game, but it takes some patience to find the fun inside. It is suitable for all people of all ages and genders.

Bridges over rivers have large holes and are impassable. The only way you can get across the bridge is to collect items on the way to fill the hole. You will use something shaped like a magnet to collect them. Each hole requires a certain number of objects which is noted on the left side next to the hole. If you can't collect enough, it means you lose and have to start over. There are hundreds of levels to choose from, each with its own set of obstacles, cities, and collectibles. Of course, the levels are more and more difficult to meet your ability. 


Clap Clap Games developed Snow Patrol and released this game on iOS in March 2019 and on WebGL in August 2022. 


  • Many levels with different difficulty
  • Interesting sound effect
  • Web browser (desktop and mobile) and iOS are available 

How to control

Drag the left mouse button to collect objects.


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