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About Slime.io

Join the battle of cute slimes in Slime.io and have fun and fun moments. You will control your slime to absorb everything in its path and become the winner.

Grow your body in Slime.io

Coming to this game, you will transform into a lovely slime. You will join the game with many other players. Whoever it is, they all have a common goal when participating in Slime.io, which is to become the winner.

To achieve this goal, you need to both survive and fight. To size up your body, you need to collect as many crystals as possible. These crystals will appear everywhere on the map. Moving around the map will help you collect them. Every time you eat crystals, your body will get a little bigger. Thanks to that, you can destroy other opponents.

How can you eliminate the opponent?

Slime.io is like a survival mini game, however, the game also has its own rules when players fight to eliminate each other.

  • Slimes of the same size when close together will not be a problem, no one can eat the other.
  • Big slimes can eat and remove small slimes from the game.
  • The bigger the slime, the slower the movement speed, and vice versa.
  • When attacked by a larger slime, if you can't run in time, you can split yourself. This can help you get out of danger and get out faster. However, if your opponent eats a part of your body, you need to collect more crystals to return to the old size.
  • As the game has fewer and fewer players, the safe area will shrink. Pay attention and move into the safe area if you want to continue the game.

Control instructions

You can use the mouse to control the game, specifically dragging the mouse to navigate and move the slime. Alternatively, click the mouse or press the spacebar to divide or merge your body.


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