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Shooter Rush


About Shooter Rush

Shooter Rush is a thrilling action-fighting game. In this game, you will control your female shooter to fight against a series of small monsters.

Fight in Shooter Rush

You transform into an excellent female shooter in this game. When participating in Shooter Rush, you as a superhero protecting the world will fight to protect the peace of the inhabitants here. The armies of pink monsters are attacking the world and attacking you. Can you destroy them?

To be able to survive and keep the peace, you use two guns in hand will face and defeat your opponent. When they attack you, you both protect yourself and attack to destroy them all. Once you have destroyed 100% of the enemies, you will move to the finish line to continue with the other monsters. Moreover, the monsters you defeat will drop coins. You need to collect as many coins as possible.

Control the game

You use the mouse to control this game. Slide the mouse helps you move. Hold the mouse to shoot and release to create a huge damage area, destroying all enemies within that range.

Some interesting features of the game

Weapon Unlock

Shooter Rush is a gunfight game, so what's better than having more powerful guns to fight enemies? After you have collected enough coins, you can randomly unlock them to own new equipment. In particular, after each random unlock, the number of coins needed to unlock the next time will increase.

However, don't worry, once you've unlocked the good guns, they will help you during battle. You will kill enemies faster, which means you will quickly collect enough coins to unlock the next time.

The guns you unlock are mostly good guns, upgraded with higher power than your original gun, at least improved in terms of fire rate. Thus, the more guns you unlock, the higher your chances of finding a good and suitable gun for you.

Game levels

Shooter Rush includes many different levels. In each level, your goal is always to destroy the enemy. However, you will have more difficulty at higher levels. It could be because the terrain is more complex, the enemy troops are larger, or even they are stronger. Sometimes you will see purple monsters appear next to pink monsters. They are huge monsters that are harder to destroy.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you don't want to end the game, it's better not to let monsters approach you.
  • Besides attacking, pay attention to defense.
  • When the enemy army is too crowded, you can both shoot and back to ensure safety.
  • Continuously hold the mouse to accumulate power.
  • Once you have enough power, don't waste it. You should use it in cases where you are surrounded by enemy movement. It can become the golden key to help you win.
  • Don't forget to collect coins to quickly unlock more weapons.

Shooter Rush is known as a good online game, capable of attracting users. The details in the game will make players not want to take their eyes off it. Wish you happy gaming.


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