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Rocket Bot Royale


About Rocket Bot Royale

Welcome to Rocket Bot Royale which is a gravity-defying multiplayer tank game. You control a tank in the game and try hard to defeat other tanks.

Enter the Rocket Bot Royale game to participate in a fantastic tank battle royale arena. When players participate in this game, they receive a tank and are transported to a dangerous arena. The battle has now begun. Players will use their cannons to move their tanks around the area, find opponents, and destroy other players' tanks. Each time you defeat or destroy a tank, you will be rewarded with items such as coins and gems stash. Furthermore, there are some notes for you to take while playing this game:

  • First and foremost, remember to avoid rising water levels to live longer than your opponents.
  • Second, amass as many coins and gems as possible because they will be useful for upgrading or purchasing items. You can also get an instant gold bonus by purchasing gold in the shop and watching advertisements.
  • Third, spend your gold on perks and weapons before starting a game to easily destroy your opponents who have the same level as you.
  • Finally, when you complete all the duties, you can upgrade. You will receive the better things before the game starts.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to direct your tank.
  • Use the computer mouse to locate and target your opponents.
  • To shoot your opponents, use the left mouse button.


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