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Red Block


About Red Block

Red Block is a simple yet fun puzzle game. You will control to roll a red rectangular block on the platform until you reach a square of the same color.

Red Block's rules

This is a puzzle game designed to not only bring players moments of entertainment but also to develop thinking and logic. That is why when playing Red Block, players need to think and calculate accurately to be able to achieve the goal.

Similar to Bloxorz, in this game, the player will be taken to a platform in space where there is a rectangular red block. This block can be rolled and your task is to control it to roll to the finish line. In particular, the destination in this game is quite special when it is not fixed in one place but will change position through each level.

You can identify the destination of the Red Block by its color. The game's platform is designed with small white squares. However, the destination will be highlighted in red, control your block to reach the destination and pass through the destination to reach the next challenge.


Use the arrow keys to play the game.

Tips for you

In the game there are some notes that you need to keep in mind, these notes can be the factors that help you play the game more fun, and experience the game better.

  • In the game, there will be levels where the platform is locked. You can pick up the key to open the lock.
  • The orange squares can help connect sections of the maze together.
  • Reach the star and tornado squares to teleport to another part of the maze.
  • Don't stand up on tan titles. You can roll, but not stand.


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