About Penguin Diner

Come to Penguin Diner to experience being a waitress in an Antarctic eatery. To earn numerous coins, you must serve clients' meals as swiftly as possible.

Imagine you are a penguin which is living in Antarctica. You have reached adulthood and you have to be independent and earn your own money. You have left home to go to another place in Antarctica and apply for a job as a waitress in a restaurant. The task of a penguin waiter is quite simple and easy. When the restaurant has any penguin customers, move in front of them, say hello, and invite them to sit at the table. After a customer places an order, you quickly give the menu to the kitchen so they can prepare the dish for the guest. Waiting and bringing the dishes up to serve guests is the last step. However, all of the above steps must be done quickly. If you keep your consumers waiting for too long, they will get irate and instantly depart. Moreover, if you can make the desired amount of money in a day, you may continue working the next day. If you want to experience another job to earn money, go to Papa's Pizzeria, Soldier Legend, and Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming.


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