About Ninja.io

Ninja.io is home to the bravest in the 2D battles of armed stickman warriors. Do you want to be one of them yourself? Join to challenge and show your ability.

In the 2D conflict of heavily armed stickman warriors in the Ninja.io game, only the most courageous live. In this world, you may challenge other players and participate in combat with them. Choose your weapon from a choice of lethal melee and ranged options. To avoid being shot, employ your jetpack, run, and jump while seeking safety. To become the server's champion, you must defeat the most intelligent rivals.

In team deathmatch, the same rules apply to squad-based competition rounds. To defeat your opponents, you must collaborate with your io friends. In Capture the flag, the map is split into two areas that correspond to two groups. To win, bring the enemy's flag back to your base. Two teams in dodgeball are separated by an insurmountable wall. Avoid their attacks and launch missiles against them.

How to control

  • Run, crouch, or jump = A, D, or S
  • Change weapons = Q
  • Throw = E
  • Prone = X
  • Attack = mouse


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