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Move The Block: Slide Puzzle


About Move The Block: Slide Puzzle

Move The Block: Slide Puzzle is a very attractive puzzle game. The player's task is to free the red blocks in the game in the shortest time possible.

Guide to playing the game

In the game Move The Block: Slide Puzzle, a red block is stuck in the frame with the yellow blocks. The player's task is to move the red block out of the frame. Click and drag a tile to move it to an adjacent empty space in the horizontal or vertical direction. You need to try to complete this goal in the shortest time possible to get a higher score.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the game

Tips for Playing Move The Block: Slide Puzzle

Move the Block: Slide Puzzle is a deceptively simple game that can be quite challenging at times.

  • Think ahead: Don't just move a block without considering its future placement. Plan your moves a few steps ahead to avoid getting stuck.
  • Utilize empty spaces: Empty spaces are your friends! They provide wiggle room to maneuver blocks and create new possibilities.
  • Focus on key blocks: Identify the blocks that are hindering your progress and prioritize moving them. Sometimes, moving a single block can open up the entire puzzle.
  • You can also reset the game if you get stuck.

Overall, this game is quite similar to Bloxorz. If you like Bloxorz, you might also like Move The Block: Slide Puzzle.


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