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About LOLShot.io

LOLShot.io is an extremely thrilling shooting game. Take part in this war and you will be on a mission to take down as many opponents as possible.

Battle in LOLShot.io

This is an online multiplayer game where you will fight many different opponents. In the game, you and your opponents will be racing to a special platform. Each player will have their own weapon. The goal of all players is in the time allotted, to try to take down as many opponents as possible.

On this platform, players can jump, fly and run around in search to destroy the enemy. Unlike shooting games like Vortex 9, LOLShot.io provides players with support tools such as springs to jump to the top of blocks, climb walls, etc. You can take advantage of these features of the game to both attack and defend against your opponents.

Guide to control

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Click the mouse to shoot.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.

Features included in LOLShot.io


The game has a very diverse customization function. Through this function, you can make your character look special, outstanding, and attractive.

Skin: the default skin color for your shooter is green, however, if you want to change his skin color, you can use this function. You can even customize and create your own any color you want.

Appearance: Besides, you can also buy costumes for the head, torso, feet, and legs. This is your chance to show that you are not only a good shooter and a gamer with good game skills, but also a person with a very fashionable style.

Weapon: There are many types of weapons in the game, which weapon do you want to bring with you? Choose one and go with it to win.

In particular, all these customizations allow you to colorize items yourself.

Some tips for players

  • The number of bullets in this game is infinite, so you can continuously shoot at your opponent whether they have them or not.
  • Move continuously to avoid damage from opponents.
  • Jump higher to search and detect your opponent's position.
  • In the game will appear many different types of weapons. If you find your weapon ineffective, you can change weapons.
  • If you are defeated, respawn to continue the match.
  • Note the time and HP bar to survive and fight.


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