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About iScribble.IO

iScribble.IO is a great arcade game to combat and lessen stress. Come to this game, you can create free-flowing lines and your areas with closed circles.

Are you looking for entertainment? Do you want to find games with simple and attractive gameplay? Come to the game iScribble.IO to enjoy the fun it brings. This game will not give tough puzzles like in the Bloxorz game. In this game, you just need to do what you like to enjoy your free time and relax. You will also have to follow some rules. However, they will be nothing because these rules are few and not worth anything compared to the entertainment that the game brings. You should not hesitate. Come to this game to enjoy and relax right away. Especially, if you are stressed and have many difficulties in work and life. This game is a good way for you to relieve those difficulties. You can't do everything you want in real life. In this entertaining game, you can.

This iScribble.IO game is designed to provide entertainment for all players. You can enjoy eye-catching graphics and unique effects. Every element of the game is carefully designed. Besides, you can easily control your character. This makes the game suitable for more ages.

Main Menu of the iScribble.IO game

At the beginning of the game, create your play character by picking your character's color and name. You can pick from a wide variety of colors, including purple, pink, and brown in addition to blue, red, yellow, and orange. Then, you can check out the game instructions below. This game has 3 basic rules. If you still can't understand them through those 3 images, read our guide below to make sure to play safely. After that, the game can be started immediately.

Basic rules to play iScribble.IO

Your goal in this game is to maneuver your square around the field. Every place you go through will leave a line. This is a way you draw lines in this game. Make as many circles that are enclosed as you can. Besides, you will lose if someone touches your unclosed line. destroyed. On the contrary, if you crash into another player, there will be two cases. If that player has closed their line, you will die. If that player has not closed their line, the one to be destroyed is their opponent. Note that there are new players respawning. They will appear unexpectedly. Move carefully so as not to hit them.

Alternatively, if you've completed the circle but have a tail sticking out the back, that tail will vanish if another player collides with it. To top the scoreboard, try to circle as much land as you can. This online game is appropriate for people searching for a way to unwind after a long day at work. What are you waiting for without playing this game now?

Features of iScribble.IO

  • Superb visuals and mind-blowing effects
  • Interesting game with simple gameplay
  • Can be played by every one of ages and genders
  • Infinite game round

How to control: Slide the computer mouse to move.


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