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About Havendock

Havendock simulates an extremely exciting adventure. You need to collect materials to build and complete quests as well as attract the attention of others.

Havendock survival game

Your character is lost on a deserted island, he needs to find a way to survive. Is there any confidence that can help this man?

Since its launch, Havendock has attracted the attention of gamers not only because of its interesting gameplay but also thanks to its impressively designed graphics. During difficult times, you can not only survive and overcome those challenges but also build a wonderful town. There will be many people stopping by to entertain and help you further develop this splendid town.

Havendock game guide

In the game, the player will collect materials such as wood, stone, food, etc. Wood will help you build more huts, and expand your area into a splendid town. Meanwhile, other items also help you a lot, such as getting information from other animals or adding interesting items in the town.

How to control

  • WASD keys/arrow keys to move
  • Left-click to select
  • Right-click or Q key to deselect

Character options

Before you start playing the game Havendock, you can set the name of your character to distinguish it from other players. In addition, you can also customize some additional appearance conditions for your character.

  • Choose your character's gender.
  • Customize appearance features for characters such as eyes, nose, mouth, and clothes.
  • Pick up a fun accessory you like, like a hat.

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