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Haunt The House


About Haunt The House

Haunt The House is an addictive puzzle game with a bit of thrill and horror. Join the game, and you can have a chance to enjoy great entertainment moments.

Play Haunt The House

The game begins in an abandoned town with a ghost that resides there until residents begin to move in, disturbing the ghost's sleep.

The object of the game is to frighten everyone out of a building, but if someone is too terrified, they might jump out of a window to their death. The player advances to the following building after the previous one is empty. The ghost is revealed to be in a painting of what appears to be its family after everyone has fled the town.

The player can change the atmosphere of the space by frightening people, which gives possessed objects access to new abilities. Certain characters that cannot be scared can be killed using specific acts, and as a result, they will turn into ghosts and return to the clock tower. They will also be depicted in the tower's artwork.


Use the mouse to control

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Small Taps To Move Around
  • Look At The Bottom Icons
  • About Your Spirit Meter
  • Spook Humans By Repeating Actions
  • Some People Are Just That Difficult To Scare
  • Don't Be Afraid To Kill

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