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Gun Spin


About Gun Spin

Gun Spin is a shooting game with unique gameplay. You need to shoot bullets so that your gun can spin and fly as far as possible in this game.

Shooting in Gun Spin

In this fascinating game, you will own a pistol. Unlike shooters like Gunfight.io or Vortex 9, your mission is not to defeat any opponent. Instead, the player will direct his gun to be able to help it spin in the air and then land as far away from the starting line as possible.

Guide to play

To control this exciting game, the player can use the mouse. You will rely on the arrow direction in the game to shoot the gun so that the gun can fly up and shoot away.

Some special notes

Unlock new guns

Gun Spin is extremely fun when it offers players a variety of guns but also requires you to perform special tasks to unlock them. In the game, you can monitor the progress bar on the screen to see how far you can shoot on the game's track. If you are 100% done, you can unlock a new gun.

However, the later the guns are the better guns and also require you to complete more difficult missions. You will need to conquer longer distances.

Upgrades for guns

Of course, conquering 100% of the distance of Gun Spin is not easy. Especially when starting to play the game, the gun you own is just a basic gun, with medium power. If you want to complete the challenge of the game and own better guns, you can upgrade the gun.

The game allows you to buy and upgrade cartridges, which you can shoot more times to increase your chances of winning. Besides, you can also upgrade bullet power, the first shot power, or ammo boxes. All will help you a lot, even a premise for you to win the game.


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