About Granny House

Do you believe you can escape the terrifying Granny monster? Come to the eerie Granny House to challenge your bravery and discover the most horrible place.

A summary of the game

Grandma is probably no longer an unfamiliar term for everyone. People are often afraid to utter this name because they are unaware that Granny is a monster or a ghost. You are courageous and determined to discover whether or not Granny exists. According to reports, you have arrived at Granny's residence, which is Granny House. Having experienced the fear of the mansion and the grandmother, your goal is now to flee the spooky Granny House. You must try hard to solve each difficulty, and you will be required to escape a lot of challenging situations. To successfully escape the grandmother, you must tread quietly, avoid making noise, and keep a safe distance. Run immediately if you encounter this horror grandma. If this game is more challenging for you, let's try others like Street Ball Jam, Traffic Tour, and Classic Bowling Game.


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