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Grab Pack Playtime


About Grab Pack Playtime

Grab Pack Playtime is an addictive puzzle game. You will work with characters from famous cartoons to complete the tasks of the game. Get ready!

Stealing Huggy Wuggy's stuff

In this game, we meet again the abandoned toy factory and many other cartoon characters. Your character is a yellow boy with special hands that can stretch to the desired length.

You will join him in using the power of special hands to steal Huggy Wuggy's things without being detected by it. Sometimes, you also need to perform the task of rescuing people who are being held captive. If you succeed, you can move on to higher levels.

Guide to control

To be able to control their hands, players will use the mouse to drag it to where they want it. Referring to the stretch of the hands in Grab Pack Playtime, I am possessing of Stretch Guy. This is also a good game with the task of controlling the stretchy body to reach the destination.

Tips and Tricks in Grab Pack Playtime

  • Don't let your hands get too close to Huggy.
  • Avoid obstacles in the game like hacksaws if you don't want to hurt your hand.
  • Spots mounted in the game can be a fulcrum to help you avoid danger.


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