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Funny Shooter


About Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter is a game belonging to a type of shooting game in which your objective is to defeat an army of enemies by using different weapons.

In this game, you will control a game character who is in an extremely dangerous situation. Your large number of enemies with a large number of weapons are surrounding and attacking you. The only thing you can do to defend yourself is to engage in combat and eliminate each of them. Take out your weapon, point it toward the opposition, and start firing.

Look around to find the best target, then move to attack. You must also be on the lookout for enemy attacks that could harm you, such as avoiding enemy grenades, firing weapons, and dodging hits from sticks, axes, and saws. Some weapons let you kill several foes at once, while other ranged weapons work well against foes at a distance or from a height. Think carefully and quickly to give smart strategies and destroy all.

Features of the game

  • One player
  • Funny Shooter has beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Its sound effects help you more energy to battle
  • There are up to 18 kinds of weapons
  • The gameplay brings the features of addictive and interesting

How to control

  • Mouse - Look around
  • WASD - Movement
  • W + Shift - Run
  • Space - Jump
  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim
  • Mouse wheel - next/leading weapon
  • 1-7 - weapon hotkeys
  • R - reload
  • F - knife attack 1
  • Q - knife attack 2
  • G - throw a grenade
  • T - inspect the weapon
  • E - remove/remove the weapon


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