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Fruit Solitaire


About Fruit Solitaire

Fruit Solitaire is an exciting puzzle arcade game in which you need to move the same fruits close together to remove them. Clear all fruits to complete a level!

In this game, your mission is to eliminate all fruits in the playing field to finish levels. There are various types of fruit such as strawberries, oranges, grapes, blueberries, pears, apples, etc. Let's clear all! In order to perform this goal, you can transport fruits from one container to another container to arrange all fruits. Place the same fruits together to remove them automatically. You can move fruits in unlimited time, so don’t worry if you want to move too much. Be free to use moves! However, instead of moves, this arcade requires you to complete each level in a limited time. Pay attention to the o’clock on the top right screen.

There are various levels with different challenges. The next levels will have more fruits and containers than the previous levels. As a result, they will be more challenging. In addition, Fruit Solitaire has colorful graphics and easy controls. Click your mouse on the container you want to take the fruit and click on the target container to change the position of the fruits. If you want to cancel the move, double-click on one container.

Features of Fruit Solitaire

  • The fascinating arcade game for singleplayer
  • Various levels with challenges and difficulties
  • Eye-catching graphics and easy controls

How to control: Mouse click.


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