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Fish Eat Getting Big


About Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big is an extremely attractive hunting game. In the game, you will control your fish to swim in the ocean and eliminate smaller fish.

Eat fish in Fish Eat Getting Big

This is an interesting game with impressive gameplay. In the game, players will try to collect as many fish as possible. However, you can only eat fish that are smaller than you. The more small fish you can eat, the faster your fish will grow and be able to eat bigger fish.

If you like such fish games, in addition to Fish Eat Getting Big game, you can try Fishing In Sea. This fishing game is also very interesting.

Control instructions

  • Use the WASD to control the fish 1.
  • Use the arrow keys to control the fish 2.
  • Use the mouse to control the fish 3.

Features included in Fish Eat Getting Big

The game can have multiple players. In each game, up to 3 players can compete and compete against each other. The task of the players is the same, the player who collects more fish, and owns the bigger fish will win.

In addition, players can note the following characteristics. Each fish will display a number on top. The fish with a smaller number than you means you can eat and discard it. Otherwise, you can't do anything to the fish with the larger number.


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