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Duck Life


About Duck Life

Duck Life is an entertainment arcade farming game. In order to earn coins to rebuild the farm in this game, it is your responsibility to grow a small duck.

Everything on your land was obliterated by a tornado that caused a catastrophe. A duck egg is the only item you still have. How to restore the prosperity of your farm to its former state. The key is this tiny duck egg. You have to train the egg by playing a variety of minigames after it hatches. By doing this, you may help your duck become more adept at flying, swimming, and sprinting. As directed, the duck will become stronger and move more quickly. Your duck has the ability to collect gold coins while doing training classes.

Keeping in mind the importance of diet for an athletic duck is also crucial. The blue seed, which gives you a lot of energy and has the full backing of the duck Olympic committee, is available for purchase. Additionally, standard grains are offered. Give your duck these seeds to boost its energy level before any races.

After that, you can take part in races to win a ton of gold coins and open new shop items. The accumulated gold coins acquired via training and contests are the keys to constructing the farm.

How to play

  • Press up arrow = jump.
  • Press down arrow = dive.
  • Press the left and right arrow keys = move left and right.


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