About Drift 3

Drift 3 is one of the most thrilling multiplayer driving games. In order to be the last survivor, you must travel as far as you can in your car.

Are you prepared for an endless race? As I already mentioned, you and the other 7 players in this game will compete in an endless race. You'll have to drive your car across hazardous, narrow, and crooked roads. To take your car turn left or right, click and hold the left mouse button. Simply press down and hold to change the movement's direction, then release to return to the original path.

Will you be able to complete these difficult sections? the person who can run the farthest is the winner. Don't fall into space if you don't want the game to finish. By knocking other players off the track, you can also kill them. As a result, you will discover that taking the lead in that game is simpler. However, you need to be careful because other players might push you or you could easily fall into space while being pushed. This Drift 3 multiplayer version is made to keep you interested and competitive. Play this game right away to take part in the exciting race for first place. The controls are easy to use, and the gameplay is engaging.

How to drive

Press the left mouse button to control your vehicle's direction and release to go straight.


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