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About Doodlr.io

Doodlr.io is one of the most interesting IO and guessing online games in the world. In this game, you will guess what is drawn on the drawing board.

Welcome to this multiplayer game! Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to participate in competitions with many other players around the world. Here you not only solve puzzles but you also show your painting talent. What is this game and why is it so much fun? This game is called Doodlelr.io. This is an entertaining game for many players. It was inspired by painting. You don't just solve puzzles like regular games, the Bloxorz game. You can also draw according to the words that the game provides. This will help you have great relaxing moments. You are not only a puzzle solver, but you are also a puzzle maker. Let's start this amazing game!

How to play the Doodlr.io game

If you are a game lover, you can not miss this game. The Doodlr.io game has been storming all the time and still too. In this game, you will take part in a room with other players all over the world. There are a drawing board and a person here will choose a word and describe it by drawing. The duty of the other people left is to guess this word. It is considered a challenge for your brain because you have to think and guess the word among thousands of words.

Besides, it also depends on the ability to draw each person because many people have no good skills. However, the drawing person can suggest others by writing some hints in words. You will have a certain time for both drawing and guessing a word. The most interesting thing about this game is that you can message other players worldwide at a box chat beside the board. Are you ready to take part in the entertaining drawing and guessing game, connect with a random opponent anywhere in the world and let your creative side go?

Note that you have the equipment to support the process. Take a look at the bottom right of the screen. You will lose 5 icons. The first one is the Brush. You can use it to draw basic black lines. The second device is an eraser to erase the places you want to remove. The third one is coloring. When you click on it, there is a palette on the right. Choose the color you want and fill in the shape you drew. The fourth one is Clear. You can erase everything you have drawn on the screen. The last one is Undo to help you undo the action you just did. If you are the one to answer, just type your answer into the box chat.

Besides, you have emoticons to express your feeling for the person who is drawing. Be comfortable with expressing your feelings to others. That will make other people happier. You will also feel more comfortable.

Features of Doodlr.io:

  • Multi-players
  • Easy to play
  • Interesting sound effects

How to control: Use the computer mouse to draw and type your answer into the box chat.

2 game rooms

This game offers two rooms for you to play. First, you can play in the available room. Here, you will play with random players. Second, you can create a private room with a private playground for you and the people you want. You can invite your friends or relatives to join and play this game together. Everything will be better when we play with the people we love.


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